“May I….. Have This Dance….. Forever?

romantic danceMay I have this dance?

A while ago…..
I sat in my chair
Feeling lost and frustrated
I had been sitting, close to an hour
Just staring at everyone enjoy the dance
But there I sat, alone
With my cocktail to comfort me
No one had asked me to dance

Many thoughts came to my mind
Maybe I wasn’t looking pretty enough
Or no one thought I could move my body to the rhythm
But here I sat, in my chair, on a table for four
Everyone had gone to the dance floor
And I was left alone

Still sitting and sipping my drink
Pretending like I was having fun
Sitting there
Moving my head & shoulders to the music
Like that was all I wanted to do for the night
But I was dying to get on the dance floor
It just felt awkward to go there by myself

1 hour, 30 minutes gone now
I had lost hope of a dance
The party will soon be over
And all I did was, nod my head many times
Like a lizard choking on a cockroach
The whole night!

There was this calm, sweet voice
Whispering something in my ears
At first, I didn’t know where it was coming from
And when I turned…..

To my greatest surprise
There stood a charm, right before my eyes
Leaning towards me with a beautiful smile written all over him
I could swear he just got in
Because I had seen every masculine figure in the room
And none was breath taking, as he looked
The night wasn’t a waste after all

I soon found myself and Prince Charming getting intense on the dance floor
We danced like the music will never end
The whole room soon became an empty room
With just the two of us in it
The music was fading slowly
We are both panting and sweaty now

My mind had drifted so far away
Thoughts going through my mind
My whole body starting to feel a tingly sensation
This is sure my best moment in a very long time
And just as I was pondering on some words in my head
There was Prince charming stealing my thoughts
Still panting from the rigorous dance
“May I….. Have this dance….. Forever?

*I Blush*


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