“Yours Truly…”


Dear Soulmate,

It’s with great pleasure, I write you this note. You may not know me and I certainly do not know you, yet. But I feel you, close enough, to reach out to you, on this note. Hoping, the grumpy postman will deliver it, at the right doorstep; to the right person and in the right hands. I also hope, the eyes reading this note, are those of, the sparkling beauty and treasure, I look to behold, someday.

I don’t have much to say at the moment. Just wondering, what you’ve been up to and how you doing presently? I hope you feel incomplete without me, as I am, without you. I wish to meet you someday, soon. Maybe, that someday, will become, everyday, in no time. My heart longs for you so much that, it hurts sometimes; knowing that; you are somewhere out there, probably searching as I am. 

Time keeps getting in the way of distance, between us. But, I do hope and pray that, you get to see my little note in time, just before, you or I, get confused with the wrong one; not knowing, we are still, very much apart from each other.

I have looked far and near; travelled miles away, just to get to you, but to no avail. Years have gone by; days become nights; and the clock keeps ticking back and forth, to the same time; but no sign of you, yet. I am not tired of the search. But, my whole world, does feel like a question mark (?), without you in it. And I am afraid of how long the search will have to be. It’s why I write you now, hoping this will break the long silence between us.

I am short of words to say. But, on the little I’ve said in this note, it should be clear to you now, that, I seek the moment, you and I, will share in our worlds together, as one. I hope to find that which my heart desires, in any part of the world. Wherever you may be, I hope to find you, Soulmate.

Hope to read from you soon, before my heart grows weary in wait.

Yours Truly,
The soul seeking yours


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