“Still Nursing The Wounds? Get Over It!”


“I’m too broken to start over again….” Says who?
“I’ve given up on anything called love….” Big lie!

Every human, goes through a period of pain (many lie that they don’t have pains, even I, lied to myself, until recently). But, the truth is, a little bit of pain and love is what keeps us going in life anyway!
Here are some rules we must always keep close in our minds, when we do get shot in the heart (sometimes, very often than normal)-

Rule 1:
*Don’t deny how you really feel about a break up- This is the first rule. It’s very ok to feel angry; sad; broken; and however it makes you feel. But, don’t lie to yourself, that it doesn’t hurt that  much, coz it does, and it always will! So feel the emotion; cry if you have to; but make sure you are easing it, all out!
Rule 2:
*Refrain from self pity/self destruction- True, a break up can make one feel so terrible and many times, we may feel like we were the reason it happened. You may have been the reason things fell apart, yes, but you can’t keep on hating yourself or feeling sorry for yourself, all the time! It has happened and nothing can change the facts before you. Rather, start working on making yourself better for the next one. Why destroy your confidence for a little mistep in life? If there’s one thing, a painful break up, should teach one, it’s “self confidence.” Don’t let anyone make you feel worthless, even if you weren’t so good with them. You still have the chance to think back and fix your flaws.
Rule 3:
*Remember, your heart is a little broken, and not, you- Many of us try to use a break up as an excuse to engage in all kinds of things. A lady would rather, go on a revenge mission, by going after men, for the wrong reasons; yet, it makes her feel, even, worse than the actual reason, for her pains. A man would not want to commit his heart anymore and just enjoy the benefits that come his way; this never solves the real problem either! All those mission impossible acts, are the direct road, leading to EMPTINESS! Don’t be totally broken because of a phase in your life, that can always be healed and turned around for good, at some point in your life. You don’t have to give up on yourself, and on the greatest thing the world needs; LOVE.
Rule 4:
*Not everyone is in your life to hurt you- A painful break up can make one really paranoid of other people’s intentions. Sometimes, it’s not about the new person in your life, but you, still holding on to the pains inside you and can’t tell the difference between a good intention and a bad one. You make everyone look evil before you. Hey man! Hey lady! You gotta take a chill pill on this! Why do you need to keep hurting yourself, over and over again, for something that should be buried and never be brought to life again? Why should an innocent, suffer for the mistakes of others? Come on man, she’s not your ex! Come on lady, does he look like, the one who walked from you?
Rule 5:
*Always think positive of yourself- I know how difficult it is to have it all and it’s all gone in a split second. Yes, it hurts much and it gives more room for negative thoughts. Like; “Where do I begin?” “Will I ever find someone better, that will love & understand me unconditionally?” “Am I worth, having the love I truly desire?” Stop thinking too much! Yes, you are worth just anything your heart desires! Yes, there’s someone out there who can be all  and much more! Yes, you can start afresh, live better, feel better and it will work as you desire it to be! As long as you breathe, it’s never too late to take another step, another leap of faith.
Rule 6:
*Be happy, no matter what- If you seize your smile because of someone else, you are robbing yourself off happiness. A happy heart, is hope for a greater tomorrow. The strongest and the most loving people, are those who have learned to be happy, even in the midst of the storm. Peace be still! No one will come to you if you keep looking like a horror movie. Clean up, relax your mind, have fun and just be happy.
Rule 7:
*Never say never- “I will never be as caring as I was with him/her…”  “I will never forgive what he/she has done to me…” These are just words we use when we’re still in pain. But the truth is, everyone has a tendency to be better than they were in a previous relationship. If that relationship didn’t end the way it did, would you have learned anything in life? Of what benefit is it, to cling to the pain and let go of the peace lurking within you? Never say never, never give up on love, nothing good comes easy. A little tear, a little smile, that’s the dynamics of life.
Rule 8:
*Just love- I will stop here. Just love! Keep on loving… Don’t get tired of loving… Live for love… Let your heart feel that which the soul seeks… Open up your heart and release yourself of all the pain… Just love!

Still nursing the wounds? Get over it! It’s time to move on, get up and keep moving…. Life is short enough, don’t make it shorter with your constant tears. Let it all go and JUST LOVE!


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