“Silent Tears”

silent tears

A heavy heart….

With no words, to describe the feelings deep, within

How can one understand, what cannot be expressed?

How can one tell, what isn’t understood?

The dilemma of a silent tears

Who can feel the inner struggles, when no one sees the tears you cry?

The numb feeling

Like a vessel of emptiness

Don’t know whether to cry out, for the world to see the weakness inside

Or to remain silent, and soak in all the tears the heart holds in deeply

Thorn between words and walls

Speak and break free

Or be confined to the walls within

Silent tears….

Who knows the feeling?

Who sees the tears?

But one, whose heart bears it all

Silent tears….

Who understands the fears?

But one, who holds the feelings inside

Silent tears….

How long, until you can’t hold it in, anymore?

How long, until it’s no longer hidden to the world?

How long, until these walls are completely broken?

Silent tears….

How long, until you can fully exhale?





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