“An Old Shoe”


I have fought the good fight….
Trampled upon the rocks that rest upon the surface of the earth
The earth shook at the stamp of my feet
I’ve crossed through the deepest oceans
There’s no mountain, too high for me to climb

I may have been muddled in soil too many times
My beauty may be fading too quickly
I may not seem as strong as I used to be
My lips may be saggy and worn out now
No one may love to have me anymore

But I still stand on the glory I’ve always deserved
The spirit I’ve always been admired for
I accept the true meaning of who I am, with no shame on what I’ve become

I may be no good for a long term anymore
The storm may throw me away at any time
But I’ve paid my dues

I see that old hag caring for me now
That penniless being, looking out for me
Someone still cares to wash me clean
I feel honored by that one person, who values me

Even if I lose the strength to walk again soon
I would have no regrets
For I have fought the good fight
Afterall, I’m an old shoe now!


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