“A Moment To Cherish”


It’s a silent night
And all I hear
Are the words you whisper into my ear
I am not moved, by the words you say
It’s the melody of your voice, running in my head
The heat of your breath tickling my body
The sweetness of your heartbeat, so close to mine
The night breeze blows me away, in my thoughts
Like a soft touch on my skin
I can feel the stars watching over us
Heaven must be looking down on us
I hear the sweet sound of raindrops
Dropping down on us like tears from the sky
Someone must have been touched by the words you whisper so sweetly
You have captivated my heart with the passion you give to me
I don’t want this moment to go by
This moment, you whispered to me
This, moment you touched every nerve in my body
This moment, you said the right words to me
This moment, I feel the sincerity of your emotions
This moment, you are my only desire
This is sure, a moment to cherish forever


One thought on ““A Moment To Cherish”

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