“Wind of Yesterday”


Wind of yesterday, do not blow me away
Flood of sorrow, do not sweep me away
Rain of agony, do not wash me off my peace
Fearful darkness, do not consume my innocence
Soil of destruction, do not swallow me in a hurry
I stand alone, at the edge of the cliff
Wind of yesterday, pursuing me like an arrow
I have kept the pace far enough
Untill now; stuck at the edge of a cliff
Do I jump over, knowing fully well that, this may mean a deadly fate, with no one there to catch me?
Do I turn back and let the wind catch up with me?
Or am I just gona stand still, and let the wind push me off anyway?
I have come too far, only to be faced with, the hardest moment ever seen
Running away, has produced no real solutions
Rather, it’s complicated everything!
If I must turn to the wind again, at least, I will do so without these heavy clothes on me
It’s time I stopped running
It’s time I found real closure
It’s time I faced the wind of yesterday….


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