“What They Say & What You Mean”


Many times, we are misinterpreted; by actions & to a great extent, in words.
Many, don’t even find out the reasons behind the actions or the meaning of the words, before they make  conclusions and pass on judgements on you-
Ever felt like no one really understands what and how you feel, yet, they try to explain your feelings to you?
Ever felt like you saying the truth, but no one seems to believe any word you say?
Ever felt so passionate about something, and everyone seem to make fun of you?
Ever tried on, a delicate task, yet, no one has any confidence in you?
Ever given up on so much, but what you get in turn is, “your best isn’t good enough?”
Ever made it thus far, yet, someone thinks you’ve done nothing so far?
Ever felt this way before?
When your words & actions have been misunderstood  and misjudged?
When you even get more confused with your thoughts and the impression you get from others?
When you try to impress others, rather than to appreciate yourself?

No matter what anyone thinks of you, as long as you are happy in your own skin, doing what you like; then, it doesn’t matter!


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