What is the color of love?
A question I ask myself
Over and over again
Love has no definite color
Like the rainbow….
Love is beautiful
And it’s only seen through the eyes of the heart
The priceless gift of having that special love radiate your heart
No amount of wealth can buy that special feeling
To love is to behold
That special kind of love
Just like the rainbow….
What words describes it best?
What measures can it take you?
What ways to find it?
How much more will you give to have it?
How sweet the love of, a rainbow
A love that can color your entire world into a beautiful one
If you find one, be sure to keep it close
Remember, love is never bought or sold
Only friendship and understanding will bring you close to the love you need
To make your whole world feel beautiful
Just like the rainbow….
Keep it safe, keep it real
Don’t ever let go!


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