“Yet Another Chance In Love”

A Chance to Love

A Chance to Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say, “Love is blind,” but that’s for the infatuated
If not, for the love; How else will one, truly,see the mistakes of another
If not, for the love, why do those mistakes cause so much pain
But, for the love, it is possible to hurt so much, yet, care as much
The teeth bites the tongue at times, but they always find a way to settle their differences
Sometimes, it hurts so bad, that you just want to give it all up
Some other times, it leaves some scars behind, that makes you never want to forget
But if that love was ever true from the start
If that love was the reason for the ‘Ship’
Then it won’t cost so much, to give it, yet another chance in love
Forgiveness is the truth of love and a lack of it is a blind love
Pain is inevitable in love, but that shouldn’t stop you from keeping the ‘Ship’ sailing, above the sea
Nothing ever comes easy
A little tear and some laughter makes it all worth it in the end
After all, you also, are not perfect and above mistakes!
Breathe; forgive; forget; and….
Give it, yet another chance


5 thoughts on ““Yet Another Chance In Love”

  1. beautiful write-up again Eve and I always seem able to relate to your writing. I’ve often found myself judgmental of others. Not in an extreme way, but enough to want to change. I want to forgive FAST and just smile always


    • We seem to be alike, somewhat (with no awkwardness attached to that statement)…
      I guess I empathize with your emotions a lot (maybe)
      I also need to work on my forgiveness pattern too lol! I’m certainly not perfect, as I relate with almost all I say, even though I don’t say them with regards to my current emotional state.
      But it does apply to me in so many ways too
      I’m just learning to admit my weaknesses, more so now. So that is one (major) weakness I’m trying to work on now.
      Always good to have your feedback Scott.
      Thanks so much


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