“What It Feels To Be Free”


Do you know what it feels to be free; emotionally, psychologically, physically, personally, even, spiritually?
How well can you, honestly, answer these questions:

Do you love yourself enough, to embrace emotional peace within you?- “PEACEFUL”
How well do you connect with your inner spirit?- “SPIRITUAL CONNECTION”
Do you ever cry, for no good reason, when you are alone?- “HAPPINESS”
Are you depressed & oppressed emotionally?- “HEALTHY”
Do you hate/dislike others for no ‘just’ cause?- “LOVE”
Do you give and expect to gain in return?- “KINDNESS”
Have you gained so much, yet, feel like, you have achieved, nothing at all?- “SATISFACTION”
Are you happy, just by the thought of the life you live?- “ACCEPTANCE”
Do you feel free enough to live/cope with others, very well, besides yourself?- “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION”
Have you lost hope in yourself so much, that you seem to be the failure everyone tries to avoid?- “POSITIVITY”
Do you feel the need, to take revenge, sometimes, when you are being wronged?- “FORGIVENESS”
Are you bitter about everything, and just anything?- “COMPLETENESS”
Do you embrace the pain more than, the joy, in every sad story?- “JOYFUL”
In your relationships, are you the home breaker or the home wrecker?- “GENTLENESS”
Are you content in yourself and what you have?- “CONTENTMENT”
Do you think your life is a happy ever after or a happy never after?- “FUTURE PROSPECTS”
Do you want to live on or leave all?- “OPTIMISM”
Who are you and who do you think you are?- “KNOW YOURSELF”

If you know what it feels, to be completely free; then, you are indeed free. There’s nothing like, partial freedom. You are either in one peace or in  several pieces. To love thyself & others, truly, is to be free in spirit; and being free, is to live, in absolute peace & unlimited joy!


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