“The Love of a Child”


The love of a child

Who can resist?

He can make you smile, even after crying a million tears

You can find a peaceful world, just by looking in his eyes

He will make you whole again, even if you’ve lost all hope in you

He will make you feel so loved, with a stretch of affection

His smile will leave you wishing for more

He not only brings joy into your heart, but will also, fulfill the desires of your soul

No wonder he is called “God’s gift”

He comes into your life and changes your entire world

Who can deny the love of a child?

Who can resist?

The dream of every life

If, you have, love like this, in your heart

The love of a child

If, a life like this, is present in your life

A life, capable of making your entire world, into one precious gift

Cherish it, with your whole heart

Protect it, with the last breath you take

Embrace it, in complete acceptance

And never give up, on your love

There is no gift, as precious as, the gift of life

None, as warm as, the love of a child




6 thoughts on ““The Love of a Child”

    • Thanks so much deb
      I’m actually not a mum yet, but I envisioned the peace that will bring forth
      Glad it touched you that well
      Sure your boys are extremely happy they came into the world through you
      May they continue to be your source of joy and strength


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