“Beneath The Mask”


“You are beautiful”
It’s what I hear them say
But, what if they saw me for who, I really am
What would they say to me then?
“You are the ugliest person I have ever come across”
I fear my ugliness will be shown to the world
So, I wear an admirable mask on my face
No one can see me for who I am
No one will have to ask about the scars on my face
No one has to know the many times I was hurt
I do not have to answer questions on “what, how, why, when….?”
It’s a long story
So, I prefer to wear the mask
To avoid being asked questions that remind me of what I’ve been through
When I look in the mirror, even I, hate what I see
I see a heart bitterly broken, by circumstances
I see a sad, wrinkled face, longing for some happiness
I see the tears of a hungry soul, looking to find some peace
I see tears, from the frustration of a life of pain & struggles
I see an ugliness that repulses me greatly
I see the real me!
Who would love me truly, if I took off my mask?
Who can understand how I feel in those struggles?
Can anyone ever take the pains away?
Will I be judged because of my ugliness?
I fear the pain of absolute rejection
No one needs to know my story
No one should see the real me
Everyone loves me ,for my mask, what if they saw, what lies beneath the mask?

*Who are you? What mask(s) are you wearing?  What lies beneath the mask?*


7 thoughts on ““Beneath The Mask”

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    • Thanks for your comment and input John!
      I think if not everyone, but majority, can relate to these words a lot.
      Laughing when you wana cry is a mask on its own, and many or everyone of us goes through those times at some point.
      We all have our individual weaknesses, but our ability to wear the mask of strength, hides those weaknesses within.
      Many thanks again John! I hope you can still embrace what’s beneath the mask… hehehe!


  2. Sometimes I wear masks that I shouldn’t and sometimes I don’t wear masks when perhaps I should because it’s the norm. I wear my heart on my sleeve too often actually. Good writing here as always Eve


  3. I have felt this same way and I think many people is not all people go through this. I committed suicide once and afterwords decided to be much more honest with who I am. Over the past 4 years or so there have been changes as a result but as painful as I feared them to be they are all for the good. To be loved for who you really ae is to be truly loved. Nice post.


    • Wow! It’s so nice for you to have honestly shared your own experience primal night’s
      Yes, I also believe, one must accept who they are, in order to find one who is capable of accepting who we are..
      Many thanks primal night’s. Keep being positive!


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