No, I don’t mean, your ears

I know you can hear me talk

But, I would like to, speak into your heart

Maybe, you can understand me better

Maybe, I could, find the answers, I seek

If only, you could give me your heart

There’s so much to be shared

And, so much more, to give

If only, I had your heart….

It will not feel so inconvenient, expressing how I really feel

If only, I had your attention….

It will not be so difficult getting you, to listen, more

If only, I had your understanding…..

I would not need to explain myself, a million times

If only, you had some patience…..

Talking with you, would not feel, so much, like, a board meeting

If only, you were so close…..

There would be no reason, looking, for the means to talk with you

If only, you would learn, to listen…..

Every time, would be, the best time to talk with you

My heart is heavy; many words untold

But, all I can do is, mumble

Each time I try to speak, in the end, there are more questions, than answers

Why, is it so difficult, talking with you?

When, will you ever listen?


6 thoughts on ““Listen”

    • Wow! I’m honored… greatly!
      Thanks so much for the recommendation and recognition… means a lot to me.\
      Must have told you also, how inspiring, I find your works
      Many thanks Divine!
      Keep up the good spirit


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