“Confession of a Silent Love “


The chilly wind embracing my body
I lay silently, in the field
Daydreaming about you
The sound of your voice playing in my head like a song
The look in your eyes, each time we meet
As if, you have something to say to me
But you never do
The feel of your touch, when you saved me, from that embarrassing fall
With no idea that I missed my steps, coz I couldn’t look the other way
While you were standing in my direction
I try to behave myself, when in your presence
But, every time, I try to hide from you, I’m clumsier than I already am
I try so hard to deny what I feel in my heart
But nothing seems to work in my favor
I feel more helpless, trying so hard
Coz you consume every desire of my heart
And I am too afraid, to openly express my feelings to you
What will I say to you?
How do I even begin to express myself?
When I’m uncertain, if you even notice me enough, to feel the same way I do
I get so restless in my silence
Sometimes, I wish I could read your mind, to find, the answers
Confession of a silent love
When will this silence be broken?
Speak or remain silent?
I have no answer!


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