Bound, by the unknown fears

Blinded, to the negative opinions

Stripped from my own desires & aspirations

Pains sucking off my energy

The wounds have been infected

The torture is unbearable

Everyday brings me closer to the end

The discomfort in this illness I feel

The agony of pain inside me

Life cannot go on like this

This torture must not continue

The whole world now see my nakedness

All because I am unable to stand my own ground

Time is slipping gradually, away from me

And I do not seem to be meeting up

My desires & aspirations are just stuck in my head

But I feel no energy to take the step before me

How can I be so blind to what other people think of me?

Is there any escape from these walls built around me?

I need a release from the shackles of fear, against my will

I must find a way to challenge my fears to glory

It’s time I found a way out of this torture

It’s time I found my means of escape!


*Fear, can be described as, “Freedom Exterminated by an Abandoned Reflection” of hope. Fear of the unknown, is the most dangerous kind of fear; and to be bound by it, is torture, to the will of one’s spirit. You can challenge your fears to glory, but, you must be willing, not to faint in your struggle*












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