“The First & Last Time”

sweet_memories_by_alexsvartengel-d3gheemI’m deep in thoughts

With my eyes closed

Memories flashing in my head

The first time I set my eyes on you

It felt, more, like a dream to me

It was hard, to believe, you were there for real

Was it a dream come true?

No! I know, it was an answered prayer

My entire world changed right before my eyes

All of my deepest wishes now made sense to me

I felt really powerless

But at the same, I was greatly empowered

I had no reason to wish anymore

All of my wishes, were right before my eyes

I was too excited to know what to do at the moment

I still feel the emotions in, that first time

It was a moment to be cherished

A moment I could never get back

Even if time were reversed back, to that moment

It would never feel the same

I’m now left with, a memory

Roaming in my thoughts, often

Warm tears roll down my cheeks

Not because I’m unhappy

But, for the joy of, the first & last time

A moment I could never get back, ever, again!






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