“Careless Whisper”

indexFriend: Can you keep a secret?

Confidant: Sure! I can

Friend: Promise you won’t tell anyone

Confidant: Of course! You can trust me, not to tell

Friend: Okay then; here’s the secret;

Friend: “pspspspspspspspspspssps”

Confidant: Oh My God! Are you for real?

Friend: Yes I am

Friend: Remember, you promised not to tell

Friend: I don’t want anyone to find out about this

Confidant: Don’t worry, it’s just between us

Friend: Very well then. I know I can always trust you

Friend: So what do you think about what I said?

Confidant: It’s still a shock to me

Confidant: I don’t know what to say, really

Friend: I’m also lost. It’s why I kept it a secret for a while now

Friend: But, I had to tell someone about it; someone I can trust

Confidant: I understand. No worries. Your secret is safe with me

Friend: Thank you so much; I feel lighter talking to you about it

Confidant: No worries. You are very much welcome, always.

There was no input to the story told. It was just an expression of words and nothing more!

Confidant: Hey! I was with a friend yesterday, It’s someone you know

3rd Party: Who?

Confidant: Never mind. Anyway, I have news for you

3rd Party: Great! What’s it about?

Confidant: Promise its just going to be between us

3rd Party: I promise. Do tell please

Confidant: Okay, “pspspspspspspspspsps…”

3rd Party: What! That’s terrible!  Now I’m curious to know who this is

Confidant: Can’t tell. That’s a story for another day

3rd Party: I can guess who it is, but okay. So what was your advise to the person?

Confidant: What do you think I would have said to her?

3rd Party: If it were me, I won’t even be friends with her anymore

Confidant: Oh well; was what I thought also. I couldn’t just keep something, so terrifying, to myself

3rd Party: What a shame!

Also no real input to the story told.

3rd Party: Hey! you won’t believe what I heard today. It’s a secret though

3rd Party: Promise me, you won’t say a word about it to anyone

Tag Along: Of course you know I can always keep a secret

3rd Party: Okay then, “pspspspspspspsps…”

Tag Along: …………………………………………….

And the chain keeps going on and on! There was no positive input, nor any good advise given to the person in question. The secret, has suddenly become news line, for public judgment.

“Careless whisper; when your secret becomes a public news; whom can you call a confidant?”


4 thoughts on ““Careless Whisper”

      • well, it’s mostly about “pspspspspspspspspsps” but I also think her friends sister’s ex boyfriend’s cousin has something to do with this whole thing. I’m still in shock and getting more updates on all of this


      • Lol!
        Now, this is getting more interesting…
        Please do tell when you get more updates on the story…
        My ears are itching to know more hehehe!
        Nice one Scott!
        It’s always fun reading your comments, really


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