“Rhythm of The Heart”

German flamenco magazine Anda feature oil painting and proflie publication of Richard R Young Art

The song playing in my head

“Rhythm of the heart”

I’m up on my feet

The joy in my heart

The peace within me

As I move my feet softly

To the flow of the slow song

My eyes completely shut

I need to enjoy every bit of this moment

I’m in my own world now

The sensation moving through me

I feel my whole body moving to the rhythm

There’s something about this song

Or am I just feeling something good from within?

I’m starting to pant

But I just won’t stop

I feel the sweat slipping through my body

Makes me feel good

Can’t recall the last time I had such a feeling

This does feel good to me

The music is now fading softly

I must have reached my climax

Now trying to catch my breath slowly

This is sure the best moment in a long time

The moment I felt free again

I want some more of this feeling

I better put the music on replay





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