The hour is here
I hear my voice echo in my head
My guts telling me, I’m in the wrong place
But my heart saying, I’m doing the right thing
If only I could take a little time to think it through again
Maybe there won’t be so much noise in my head now
I can’t go back anymore
I’m now stuck with my fate
Is this what my destiny planned for me?
Am I sure this is my path or someonelse’?
The same questions keep going through my mind
It feels as though I’m having a cold feet
But for what?
I won’t know until the moment is gone
Nervous and sweaty
This outfit even makes me more uncomfortable
Here comes the first question
“Are you ready?”
I have no straight answer now
If I say yes, it means, I’m never going back
If I say no, it means, I have to start all over again
I will just go with, yes!
Now thinking to myself
Hold on, “am I ready for this?”
I hear nothing else, as my mind keeps pondering
Now, here’s the question that gives me the creeps
“Do you…….as…….in…..untill death……?”
Now the noise in my head is too much
I must focus now
What? What’s the question again?


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