“Morning Dew”


As the night drew near…..
The terrifying stare of darkness
Wild thoughts cloud my mind
I could barely sleep through it all.
It’s not the fear of darkness that consumes me
But the thoughts that, this may be my last
Then comes the night…
This one had a special feel
I was terrified, yet, I had this soft smile in the corner of my lip
What was I thinking?
I hope to see the coming day
As I laid, in my thoughts….
Suddenly, sleep took me off on a jolly ride
I must have been enjoying my sleep
Turning from side to side
Cuddling between the sheets
It was as though, I had no problems left inside me
Everything was going to be just fine
I woke up to the bright ray of sunlight, piercing through my curtains
I laid in there smiling at myself
Why? I had no idea
But there was something about this morning
I couldn’t believe I had seen another beautiful day
Then I got up to have a feel of my day
Walking through my little garden
Now I was sure that I was alive again
I had no worries lurking around, inside me
I made it through the night!
My pleasure was in the morning dew
I could breathe fresh air in my lungs
I could smell the beauty all around me
I could see the wonders in the beauty
I could feel myself come alive again
What more can I say?
But to be grateful for, yet another day
Another day of hope, love, life and gratitude
Oh! How I love the feel of the morning dew!


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