“Rule of Togetherness”


Be faithful; unless you planning to let go- Fidelity

Be steady; unless you having a change of heart- Submission

Be watchful; unless your gaze is elsewhere- Loyalty

Communicate your worries & issues; unless you feel, it’s unimportant/unproductive- Communication

Give, with no expectations of return- Care

Be honest; even if it means, hitting a few delicate spots- Honesty

Be creative; even if it means, going out of your way too many time- Companionship

Know where your path leads to; even if it means, talking about it frequently- Knowledge

Be forgiving; even if they don’t deserve it sometimes- Forgiveness

Laugh very often; so that little things don’t hurt you, easily- Positivity

Adventure is the spice of it all; be ready to give-in, a lot more- Affection

You can’t have it all; so don’t expect too much from the other- Consideration

Talk more; if you want to understand much more- Understanding

Let love be your guide; but not, as a guard to your actions- Foundation

Love truly; but don’t expect it to complete your desires, absolutely- Happiness

Be not afraid of the truth or you will be living in a lie- Openness

Be very concerned; if you truly care- Empathy

Be nice; even if they driving you crazy- Patience

Be mindful of all you do, unless you willing to give it all up!- Respect


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