“The Lost Soul”


As I journey through my darkest hour……

In my deepest despair; I search the world……

Hoping to find an answer to my pathway…….

It’s like everyone cares less, about me……..

No one sees me human.

I cross the road, to walk through countless streets……..

I feel as though I’m invisible to the world…….

No one really cares if I would survive the next hour or not…….

My heart feels the pain of rejection…….

My soul is lost within me…….

I search, but it feels like a decade away from me……

In my confusion, I cry out, like a child in pain……

Who cared to come to my rescue? Nobody!

If today is my last, I wish it’ll come faster……..

This pain is just too real.

I walk a mile, asking for a heart that truly cared, at every stop…….

But they keep running farther away from me……..

Am I crazy? Do I stink that bad?

Maybe I do, I ask myself over and over again.

I see them looking so beautiful; they don’t look like me at all…….

Everyone seem to be full of joy, but me……..

I reach out for help, but they won’t even wait to hear me speak, before they leave me……

Why am I being condemned this much?

Do they think I am not worthy of another chance?

What makes them think they are better than I am?

I also would like to share in the laughter too.

No, I am not crazy! I’m just a lost soul, looking to find it’s way back home.

“Everyone deserves another chance in life; and any one of us can come across such a lost soul, looking to find his/her way back home. Be the reason for another person’s testimony; not today; not tomorrow; but as a habit for everyday.”


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