“Implicating Things Women Do To Make Men Think Farther”


As women, we sometimes get carried away and can easily get overwhelmed emotionally in relationships. But, one very obvious fact is that, most/maybe all men try to act dumber than they really are and it sometimes leads further to the end, than women prepare for.

For the record and some initial findings with some men, on what really offends them to switch their respect and change their attachment towards a woman; here are some of the DON’Ts with a potential man/a spouse. They are termed, the implicating things women do, to make men think further or lose interest:

  • Regular Insecurity Issues: This can be really tiring to a man, in the long run. When, all the woman does, is nag about everything (usually unnecessary issues) thereby, creating issues that were never present in the relationship, just to get the man’s attention/affection. Truth is, most/all men find this attitude, really difficult to live with, and would prefer to avoid more communication and/or expressions, just to keep her quiet, but that gives room for his need to have, as much freedom as he can get, away from the nagging woman.
  • Indecisive Conclusions: Generally, men do not have a lot of patience and time to spend on decision making. Most men just go ahead and stick to the plan. But, for a woman, who is indecisive in character; her no means yes and her yes means no; such a character is a huge turn off for many men, especially ones who are very detailed in nature, it makes many men prefer to bully their way in or take decisions first, before sharing, rather than to inquire from the woman.
  • False Cheating-Scare: Many women do this a lot. They do so to get some form of attention or emotional attachment from their men. But, this has a more negative/harming effect on the man’s point of view about the woman and also, causes a lack of respect and care towards her. Opening a man’s thoughts to possible competition, with another, is a disrespect to his already huge ego (bearing in mind that, most men would rather not want to share at all). This may cause a wide barrier to his trust, and sometimes, reciprocation of action from the man. So, if you are not willing to lose out on your man’s love and trust or share him, with another, better to keep some thoughts/pranks out of his consciousness.
  • The Strict Mother Figure: Now, it’s good for every woman to know this; every man looks to find a woman he can learn to love and respect, like his mother, but not one that will act more like his mother, than his partner. This is usually termed as an abuse of power, for women who do so. If a man gives his woman a level of power to control ‘some’ (not all) of his affairs, he is not doing so to make her become the “wicked step-mother,” and so, a woman must learn to apply wisdom in taking charge, and not get too carried away in doing so. A man would truly prefer not to be in a relationship with his mother. It’s wiser to not become one or he’ll also learn to keep his distance.
  • The Police Officer: This is one major problem a lot of women have in a relationship, due to insecurity. You cannot be a lover and also be a police officer in your relationship; all at the same time! If you keep watch over his every moves, he will only lead you on, to your own fall. Every woman needs to know that, men are natural prey, to temptations and unfaithfulness; whether by actions or in thoughts; and it’s also, very much applicable to women ( we all, as humans, are enslaved by our flesh in some ways). As the saying goes, “What you don’t know won’t kill you,” and curiosity they say, kills the cat. Don’t go fishing, if you are not ready for the feast!

There may be more to be mentioned here, but I’ll rather stop here, as I have mentioned most of the common things that could drift men, farther away, from their woman.


8 thoughts on ““Implicating Things Women Do To Make Men Think Farther”

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  2. Love this post. Excellent information! Women must learn that we are not “rulers” over of our men. I am interviewing men now in order to write a few pieces from their perspective. I don’t want to be one-sided. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


    • Many thanks Divine
      I appreciate your comment greatly!
      Cool research you doing, it’s a task I must confess, but I’m sure it is interesting. I would like to read from your research findings also.
      I think this is a very interesting topic for me though. It’s important for we, the women, to know more from out male partners really. Gives one a good idea of the general DOs and DON’Ts
      All the best to you, Divine!
      Do take care and thanks again, for your comment


    • “Rulers,” Sounds alpha female (New Man) vs male (Punk Man). Opposite sex dominance. Unhealthy to fights in home and work world for both and unattractive to primal desires of most.


  3. A typical man is simple. Build, solve and destroy. They live by purpose. The REASONS he chooses his partner, solidifies their relationship to him. As aggressors, they seek respect from others, security of home, and acceptance by peers. Universal motifs. Purpose of relationship will change the merit. Standards set by desire. A man may want to be in love with his wife so much that another pretty face does not hold a candle. But he may date women by their body alone and not care to ever see their face. So if u do the above you are either annoying him till he finds other options or sabotaging his life with you till he makes other choices. No man wants a second job at home or issues, were he cant recharge, relax and release.


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