“From Grass To The Land of Grace”

land of grace

I remember:

The days I had to wake up to nothing; but I never lost hope….

The moments of torture, when I felt like there was no way; but I never gave up trying…..

The nights I hardly slept and counted the time by minutes; but I never stopped dreaming….

The times I had to hunger and thirst, but with little or no means of livelihood; I still survived….

The days I spent searching, but found nothing; I didn’t quit anyway….

The moments of anger and frustration; but I tried to embrace peace in all….

The times I was humbled to my kneels; but I still stood my ground in the end….

When looking in the mirror felt like a nightmare; but I was comforted…..

When it felt as though, my spirit was failing; but I held on to, the little courage left inside me….

Going down memory lane, and it feels as though, it was just yesterday. But here I stand now, moved from grass to the land of grace and all I see in the mirror is, the strong one, that never gave up the fight. Even when the days seemed wasted and the hours seemed to be more challenging; I look back now and all I murmur in my heart is that, “I’m grateful for the journey so far.”


“In the land of grace, there is fullness of joy. Be grateful, not for what you are today, but for the journey that got you thus far. Embrace the heart of gratitude, even if it means little, to the times you spent struggling.”





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