“The Writer & The Motivator: What’s The Difference?”


The writer and the motivator; what’s the difference? There is a number of contrasts between these two.
A writer could be described as a person who is capable of taking on his personal emotions, and the different emotions of others; expressing them in a constructive manner; usually done in writing. He is one, who is able to write with no set target/goal/audience; other than the expression of inner emotions. In fact, the major reasons to write are, the emotions deeply felt from within; either from his own thoughts or the cumulative thought from others. He is usually unapologetic in his freedom of expression.
A motivator, is one who either speaks/writes, for a target audience. A motivator would not necessarily need to take on an emotion to communicate; he would rather speak from the mind, than to speak deeply, from the heart. Sometimes he is termed as, being controversial in his ideology and expression of thoughts; but, he is able to defend this, mostly.
The writer is usually referred to as, “brilliant,” while, a motivator is usually seen as, “intelligent” or “smart.” Why? Because writers are really good listeners; they listen by heart. And the motivators, are usually good speakers; they express from the mind.
Be it a writer or a motivator, any one of them can be good at what they do; and either of them is equally capable of being both; as a motivator and a writer, at the same time.
A writer is usually a daydreamer; capable of creating his own world, from thoughts and emotions.
A motivator, on the other hand, feeds from the real world; and all his ideas and thoughts are based on true life issues and situations.

Good question to ask oneself: Which category do I belong?


5 thoughts on ““The Writer & The Motivator: What’s The Difference?”

    • Hehehe!
      Yes Divine…. nothing as intense as a writer, expressing deeply.
      Funny, many of the thoughts expressed, are not directly related to us in anyway, but one can express the emotions and turn them into a personal matter.
      Many thanks again, for your comment Divine!


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