“Reaching Out For Comfort”


Being strong is not by choice for many, but the only available option they are made to adapt to. Being strong doesn’t mean there are no weaknesses; it is the ability to live amidst trials; doing so, with the intense hope of survival.
Sometimes, even being strong is as frustrating as the weakness that lies beneath. No one is truly strong enough to stand alone; it’s why there are people all around the world, other than ourselves; why we all feel the need to communicate our thoughts and ideas to other people; why no one is ever truly happy, without the love and care of another.
None can withstand the trials life brings forth to the table, without the help of others at some point.
It is ok to reach out for comfort, coz you never know whose hands are capable of lifting off some of the weights on your shoulders.


3 thoughts on ““Reaching Out For Comfort”

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