“When The Mind Resists & The Heart Insists”

heart and brain

It is true that, the strength of a man/woman lies in their ability to create a good balance between the mind and the heart; without neglecting the power, each one has on their desires and will. But, is there ever really a point of balance between them? Yes, there is. But, the road to getting there, is that of a narrow path.

The mind is a sea of, both; Good&Evil; Truths&Lies; Strengths&Weaknesses; Fiction&Facts; Will&Discouragement; Positives&Negatives; Glory&Destruction. The mind is like a force,which is responsible for our reactions; and it’s main power is to perceive and envision the motives of an action, even, before it’s being put in motion.

The heart, likewise, is a light of, both; Passion&Pain; Faithfulness&Deceit; Love&Hate; Tears&Laughter; Desires&Limitations; Brightness&Darkness; Hope&Death; Faithfulness&Carelessness. The heart, therefore, is like a radiation, solely responsible for illuminating the personality of a person, which is done through, emotions. But, one thing the heart fails to do mostly, is, to guarantee a clear vision.

How can these two, important forces, strike a balance?

Have you ever felt the need to do something so much; and you come real close to achieving it, but, unsure of the possible outcome(s) of that motive? Well, that is the point of balance between the heart and the mind. The heart gives you reason(s) to worry, but, the mind gives you reason(s) to forge ahead.

Ever felt the pain in doing something wrong, but, had no real impact in your life as a whole? This is another point of balance between; your heart feeling sober for the wrong you did, and your mind telling you to move on regardless of your mistakes.

When the mind resists and the heart insists; it is only but a second, to the point of balance before, one of the two forces weighs, heavier than the other.

It is good to listen to your heart often, but, do not lose your mind in the process of doing so. Great people don’t just follow their dreams blindly; they envision and work for it, with great passion! Sometimes, the mind will resist, and the heart will insist; or the other way round. In such situation(s), never neglect one for the other, cause no one truly knows the destination ahead of a journey, but the power to see beyond, is the ability to apply wisdom with passion.


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