“Having a Bad Day? Don’t Transfer The Aggression”

transfer of aggression

Having a bad day? No, there’s no such thing as a bad day, we all just have to go through the ‘not-so-good’ days. It’s good to always remember that everyday cannot be as good as many days, but, how you react to the issues of each day is what terms it, either good or bad. Most people would term a bad day as; the day they woke up very late to work, looked not as fine as they are used to and maybe got queried by the boss. Some may term it as; the day they felt emotionally down and irritable and everyone around them seem to be in their lungs the whole day; others may just say; it was the day something terrible happened to them; either physically or just emotionally. But, truth is, we all get one of those days to deal with. Those days may affect one emotionally and mostly psychologically; but, those are the days we ought to be truly grateful, for the life that we live.Although, many of us take out the not-so-good days on other people, especially those who have innocently done no wrong to us, but because we get so apprehensive and emotionally non-controlling, we transfer the aggression; and mostly, to the ones we care about.

Why should I rejoice in a bad day?

There are many reasons why we all need to be happy in the not-so-good day. One major reason is; if all days came with the same issues, why would you need to strive anyway? Why would you be hoping for, if you had everything figured out in one day? If you had nothing to worry about, why would you yearn for more in life? If you hadn’t encountered any challenges, why would you need to toil for survival? Above all, of what benefit will it be to be human? Do animals complain of their days, even when they are treated unfairly?

Next time you encounter a not-so-good day, remember, therefore, that, it is impossible for the sun to shine 24hrs a day, neither does the moon appear in the daytime. And so, those days have been created for us; not to break our will or to dash our hopes; but, to strengthen us and to prepare our hearts for the good day(s) ahead. Only, if you and I, would learn to stay calm; love and appreciate the days the sun doesn’t shine so bright on us; but, be the reason for the sunshine in another person’s life at the same time. The transfer of aggression doesn’t make you feel any better than you already are, it only worsens the already not-so-good day. Have a positive mind and energy towards the day; clear out the negative emotions in your heart; and most especially; keep other people out of your lungs as much as possible.

“No one is ever responsible for how your day may turn out to be, but, your emotions and state of mind can influence the day to be either; good, or bad.”



2 thoughts on ““Having a Bad Day? Don’t Transfer The Aggression”

  1. There is beauty in a person that can brighten ones day. Some do it in instances and some do it by chance. But a few times in my life, i have thanked God and looked forward to see someone else, because, they’re like; a baby’s smile or laugh, gave perspective to hope and enjoy my own day.


    • True
      There’s nothing as good as having one to share a good day with, even if it didn’t start as good, but to find one who can make the entire day feel a whole lot better is one of a rare kind.
      Thanks for the honest input aowksa


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