“The Rebirth Of Love”


The truth about love is that, you are never truly ready for love when it finds you.
No matter how hard you search or how intense your heart may be at the time; love hits you hard enough to change your entire world, just like the birth of a new born.
The amazing truth about finding that true love is, when it finally comes to you; even if you tried hard  enough to push away; it never leaves room for a second option.
True love is like a rebirth, it keeps you feeling like a child all over again.
You are either stuck on that love or you keep searching for eternity, to never find love like that again!


2 thoughts on ““The Rebirth Of Love”

  1. .Man or Women, old young and in-between some know not of love, how to give, show, or take it in or the truth in it. But I think in some form all yearn for it.


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