“Try Again”

roadIf the road seems so confusing and you feel like you can’t find your way anymore; take a few steps backwards and retrace your steps back to where you started from; you may have been going in the wrong direction all along.
Change is inevitable, but you must remember where you first got it wrong, for that change to be more effective, and to avoid walking through the same path all over again.

Sometimes, one may feel as though they’ve gone too far to start all over again; but, if you have to continue moving in the wrong direction, you may not feel the right fulfillment, at the end of it all. Change is good and profitable, but to make that journey worth the while, you must have to be strong enough to try again.

Never choose happiness over fulfillment. For happiness will only last a while and would vanish quickly with time, but fulfillment lasts a lifetime. Whatever journey you take, make sure it’s that, which would lead you to a lifetime fulfillment.


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