“The True Strength Of A Woman”


It breaks my heart to see a woman who can’t stand for herself and make, even, the toughest decisions without seeking the help of a man to do most of the work!
I believe every woman is strong enough to take up responsibilities, you just gotta get rid of your inner fears and limitations and get things done, whether or not, there’s a man involved!
Many women fail and get to lose a lot because they sit and wait; rather than, walk through the path by themselves.
If a woman is too lazy or is too confused to even lift a finger, of what honor or value will she have in the sight of a man? Honor and dignity comes with responsibilities. There’s nothing wrong in being a woman with no limitations, if you would really want to be truly respected, as a woman of strength and not to be seen as an empty, weak vessel, with no value.
Let no man/woman run you over like a piece of material, show some strength and get to work!


6 thoughts on ““The True Strength Of A Woman”

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