“The Human Conscience”

moralityEvery human is capable of being evil and unfaithful; the human conscience is the only force/spirit that holds one back from murder when you are angry; cheating on your spouse, especially, when there’s time & distance between you two; stealing, even, if it’s directly in your face; lying, when you know the truth will only hurt more. Although, one cannot avoid the evil thoughts that come to mind on first instance, or on first sight; and the ability to hold back from making those thoughts into actions is the¬† job of the conscience.

The human conscience is the part of a person that helps to define and differentiate between right and wrong; even though it’s not everyone that listens to their conscience anyway, that’s why there are still many people who do evil with no remorse or fear of it’s consequences. The human conscience is like the hand that prevents you from taking that free fall and restores common sense and morality into one’s heart. The conscience is that spirit of fear in one’s heart, when the mind is drifting towards evil and unfaithfulness.

It should be noted, however, that the difference between you and that murderer, or that cheating man/woman, or that robber, or that wicked man/woman; is not far from the fact that, you learned and decided to, embrace and listen to your conscience first, before your head. But, if it were possible to read the minds of every human, there will be no saints walking the streets, because the crime is first committed in the mind, before action is taken. The only power we all have above the evil we construct in our minds, is that invisible human conscience!



3 thoughts on ““The Human Conscience”

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    At least for men, we all have Mantras. Ideas of who we are or want to be by set princeps and motifs of habit of our selected peer groups. i.e. of a warrior, a soldier, a real man, a good father, a stand up dude, a rough neck, a bad ass; all factors in thought. Ethics of a good man or Ethics of street were adhered to by environment and people. This is how a mob mentality or deviant groups can spread venom in normally behaved folks. Our principlesí help define us but there is always a line a temptation to another set that can trump that despite discipline of self. But one year when i decided I had soul and embraced knowledge of fear in regards to the soul. I found my thoughts went beyond honor or integrity. Truth I have had no problem going all out if I had issue with someone, because of many ethical lines. Till that new voice came into play. My belief in my soul and in Karma of actions translated to a new me. I guess I found fear. Iíve always been aware been conscious, but now I had sense of a clear conscience or soul and found my spirit. *


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