“Revenge: The Tool Of Destruction”

bobbitt“Revenge,” the tool of destruction….

Ever felt really betrayed and unjustly treated, that you have considered many possible options and ways of getting back at that person that hurt your heart so bad, that made you even feel less of a person? YES I HAVE and so have you, and you and everyone else!

Sometimes betrayal comes as a shock to one, when that person was one of the very few persons you ever trusted and relied on; sometimes, by person(s) you’ve not known before. Although, these issues are everyday struggles; for some; they are so used to betrayal that they become so bitter, unfriendly and at times, psychotic. It is true that some betrayals and injustice on one can hurt as bad as, even, taking back and dishing out exactly what was thrown at you. For someone who may have lost a loved one to murder and gross injustice; the first thing that comes to mind is to avenge their death, by taking the life that took away your joy. For another, who may have been sexually abused; maybe once or couple more times; the first thing that may come to mind is to cause the offender a lifetime pain and afflictions, of any sort. Well, how can one ever blame such person(s)? Even if you are not directly affected, there’s the smoking anger in one’s heart towards the offender(s) and pity for the victim(s); can one blame them for their anger and bitterness? NO!

BUT, as much as these things hurt one so bad, revenge is never the answer or healing to the magnitude of pain that has already been evoked in the heart. Of what difference is it, between you and that person, who caused you much pain, if you embark on a journey of blindness and destruction? Will that act return that which was taken away from you, forever? Can a payback ever give you the true peace of mind you ever wished for? NO! In fact, revenge will only put you in a lifetime of fear; fear of being exposed, fear of the possibility of repeating the same thing, fear of the outcome of your action, if/when someone else finds out, fear of people, who aren’t even out to hurt you, but to help you; in short, your mind never sleeps, your heart never finds true peace, your entire life will be in bondage for the rest of your life! So, why put yourself under a lifetime of additional pressure, countless sleepless nights, gross depression and trauma?

“In embarking on the journey of revenge; you should know that, there will always be consequences, and there are certainly, no winners in this game”!


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