“Just Breathe”


The days go by, the hour passes by, the moment of realization draws nearer, and it feels as though you are only a breath away from your dreams; only a step away from your path; just one move away from the destination; and it all keeps coming back. You not there yet, but the fire within feels as though everything is within your reach; that feeling of grace; that sweet and calm feeling of peace; but, it does feel tight; the mind keeps going on and on, the heart keeps beating fast and the lungs feels as though you are gasping for air……………. Just breathe

The truth keeps rushing in, all the lost years of lies are over, but it all seems as though you dreaming. The many tears you’ve cried; the many nights you felt as though you were alone in the world; the morning dew felt like a plague on your skin; daylight and darkness seemed to be confusing in your mind. You feel as though you’ve lost it all; nowhere to turn, but, your own reflection; you feel like voicing how you feel deep inside, but no one will hear you speak from within…………….. Just breathe

You can never tell what the day will bring to your table, but you wake up to what you being served anyway. When life serves you lemon, make a lemonade out of it; add some ice in it and enjoy every bit of it. You are only a breath away from that which your heart desires; all you need do is…………… Just breathe

Let life struggles & challenges not take away your inner peace; no matter what it is, just breathe and learn to fly. You need not have wings to fly, if you believe it, you can do it, and always make sure to run before you jump; fly as high as you wish and………..  Just breathe


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