“Moral Lesson In Life: No Excuses!”


If there’s any moral lesson that needs to be learned in life, it is the fact that, your background & what you’ve been through with others in the past, is never an excuse for the wrong choices you make in the future.
No one has any control over what the past may have been; good or bad, the past is dead and must be left in its grave! If your past determines your future, most especially with others, of what benefit were the lessons that were being taught? It is honorable to own up to one’s mistakes and take responsibility for one’s actions, with no excuses.
The past is the “lesson,” the present is the “assignment” and the future is the “result.” And the “examiner?” Oh well is fate! You are the student, so it’s cheating to take a look at the lesson while writing the examination.


2 thoughts on ““Moral Lesson In Life: No Excuses!”

    • Thank you aowksa.
      I believe human mistakes are inevitable, but the courage and power to look past our individual mistakes without giving excuses; excuses do make one not want to change the situation when we can; but to look ahead and not backward is the true power of change and forgiveness. We must always try to forgive ourselves of what may have been and just look ahead to what will be.


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