“Boredom & Loneliness: A State of Mind”


Boredom & loneliness;  the reason behind an unhealthy living standard and awkward emotional condition. I like to say that, “boredom is fattening and loneliness is sickening;” but, both are unhealthy state of mind; which I think is very true, considering the things one would do in such situations.

Boredom increases one’s appetite and cravings for unnecessary/unhealthy stuffs; as well as, loneliness gets one in unwanted trouble/company and irritable behavior.

Doing things you don’t feel comfortable with, out of boredom, inflicts more pains than satisfaction, because, those things would only last a while, but in the end, it doesn’t give the right fulfillment and happiness. Loneliness also, is, more like a force, that attracts one to the wrong company/environment and drives one to a high level of nonchalant behavior, but, the feeling of emptiness never goes away in the end!

Truth is; boredom & loneliness are just a phase of idleness, and it is possible for a person to go through both at the same time, but these mind illnesses, have one common cure; BE CREATIVELY ACTIVE & THINK POSITIVELY!


6 thoughts on ““Boredom & Loneliness: A State of Mind”

  1. Boredom is part of the cycle, Its the pretension state before the action. that leads the mind to wonder down easy paths of fullfillment. A reason why I think young good girls/women like bad guys.


    • hahahah!
      well to a very large extent you are right on that notion about good girls liking bad boys…
      i think boredom leads to severe loneliness and loneliness only gives ‘a mistake’ a defensive definition;
      “I dated him/her because i was lonely and had no one to turn to,” it’s what some will say to defend their actions.
      Thanks aowksa, nice input


      • No one ? Easy way just a chemical reaction. Selfish. Nice guy boring. Bad guy thirlls me. wow im happy, years later why can t i find a good guy. Nice guy moves on.


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