“The Ignorant Mind”


Ignorance doesn’t mean “not knowing at all,” it means “knowing so much, but refusing to understand, even little of it.”
An ignorant mind gives room for mental & emotional instability, and a misconception of attitude towards the path of reasoning.
Mistakes are inevitable, but what is evitable, is the power they have over your sense of reasoning.
Ignorance is the greatest weakness of the mind!


6 thoughts on ““The Ignorant Mind”

  1. ” ignorance is bliss”
    Not knowing is easy work and a blind path in life. Its the Matrix
    “The more u know the less u know”.
    Open Eyes and mind in life is a realism that some cant handle.


    • sorry old quote
      the more u know in life the more u know in the world outside your boundries . the more u realise how much u dont know and how big the world is. people on a block or in a vilage live in a small world. they know it all . Put the rest of the world in thier vision and thier block or village is just a speck.


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