“The Secret Enemy”

secret enemyThe general thought and belief of a relationship is, “a connection based on trust and secrecy, between two people in a mutual understanding.” Being in a relationship, one must never forget the possibilities of having one or two (or more) person(s) that will do everything possible to walk in your shoes, at all cost; this kind of person is regarded as ‘the secret enemy.’ They try to be good friends and act like the shoulder you can always lean on, yet, you may never suspect their true intentions as regards your relationship and the information you give to them.

It’s always good to keep your friends, even when you’ve found that special someone in your heart, BUT, a wise person knows not to share the very intimate things that goes on in their relationship with the third-party! It is dangerous, and of course very childish, to discuss what goes on in your relationship with someone else, other than your partner. At times, you get so carried away with your conversation that you don’t even realize you’ve succeeded in leaking the most intimate part of your relationship with the outsider. Of what benefit is it to the outsider, on your sexual life with your partner? Or what your partner’s favorites are; food, words, action, and the likes? Some even make the mistake of describing the intimate parts of their partners with “friends,” forgetting that those things were, and, are meant for their own knowledge alone and no one else has to know; it’s like giving out the extra keys to your bedroom, and then you walk into the room one day to find them laying comfortably in your bed. Whatever is not worth discussing with your partner; (which by the way, should be your only best friend, regardless of anyone else); is not worth discussing at all! Whether family or friend; one must always keep the conversation clean, short and with less details, in other to keep the relationship safe and away from the claws of the secret enemy that poses to be the trusted friend. No one is as reliable as your partner, when it comes to the affairs of your relationship.


3 thoughts on ““The Secret Enemy”

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