“Tik Tok Tik Tok…The Clock Is Ticking”


To live by word of the mouth alone, is to live in deceit, nothing is ever really promised; action will get you there, but words will only take you as far as your imagination. Be prepared to work for it, rather than to sit and talk about it all the time. Tik tok tik tok…the clock is ticking fast, quit planning with no effort.

Talk is cheap, and time just keeps running fast, you either run ahead of time, or it will catch up with you and leave you behind. They say “action speaks louder than words,” there’s no time to waste on talking; when you are on the move, you will have less time and energy to talk about the things you ought to do; so Just keep running as fast as you can, tik tok tik tok… the clock keeps ticking…the only race in life is time, be sure to always run ahead, don’t let it run you over!


4 thoughts on ““Tik Tok Tik Tok…The Clock Is Ticking”

  1. Yes, walking ones life path.
    Every choice even not choosing is time consuming.
    As you travel your path you have options.
    So each choice leaves options, but as you choose you lose choices too and change options. The further you go, more you commit to path, time ticks.
    This is life. You travel the sun shadow changes, tick toc.
    Wait to long to prepare/camp and your out in dark, lost, hungrey, and not so safe.


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