“The Passage To The Heart Of A Woman”

someone to holdI mentioned “the way to a man’s heart” earlier, so i thought it will be fair to also know “the passage to the heart of a woman.” Yes, to get into a woman’s heart is a “passage,” not a “one way” thing. We all know that women are the most complicated, yet, sensitive people in the world. Women often, and almost always, complicate issues, and are, actually, the only ones that can understand themselves better than the men will ever do.

For the sake of this topic, however, it will be good to highlight the three different kinds of women:

  • The “I don’t care” kind of woman- This kind of woman doesn’t expect you to have an opinion of her, until she’s accepted you fully in her heart. She just expects you to either stick, or scram! She is the kind fondly referred to as a “tomboy.” This female is emotional in her own corner, on her own terms and for her own personal reasons; but, she may never want to show you the soft side of her, because, she feels more comfortable being the “man in the relationship,” rather than to be the “subjective one.” She will only love you truly if you got the brains to stick around longer, then, you will be lucky to see the emotional side of her; but, this takes a whole lot of patience and a smart mind, to win this kind over. She is the type that may seem too confident and sometimes, too blunt, but she holds her own always. Her charisma is that of “miss independent.” But her weakness? “commitment,” she would only commit, if she found a fit and a good enough reason to want to try.
  • The “All men are the same” kind of woman- This kind of woman has been hurt too many times and only expects more lies from a man. She is the kind that doesn’t believe any word you say, no matter how honest you are, she still has it in the back of her mind that you may be full shit. This kind of woman is one who loves your gifts, more than the words you speak, because, it’s the only assurance of love she knows. This kind of woman is always “the victim,” she is always right, and will always be the one that was wronged and not the other way round. This kind is the one that comes with all kinds of baggage and stress, mostly; a man looking to make her his woman, must be strong enough, and ready to carry her baggage, along with his. She is the type that loves to have it all, it’s her only consolation, if things ever go wrong. She is the kind that finds solace in making friends with multitudes, always in company of the crowd, even though she doesn’t really need them around that much; but, she keeps them anyway, when things go soar in her relationship, she has them to console and cheer her to make her feel like she was “miss perfect,” and the man did not just deserve her (even though the truth is clear to them).
  • The “I think I’m in love” kind of woman- To this kind of woman, the word, “I love you,” or “I’m in love with you,” are like a national anthem to her ears. These words are like the only thing that would make her feel secure with a man, even if he lies about it, she doesn’t even have a clue. This kind of woman is the one referred to as, “the emotional” kind. She cares for just anyone, would stick her neck out for just any man, and trusts everything she hears, absolutely! This kind does not “trust and verify,” once the word is spoken, she trusts completely. Though, men flow around her like an ocean, but, almost every man that comes her way, wants just a piece of her, and would not commit to the whole package. This kind of woman is mostly “emotionally unstable,” because she gives it all out too easy, too soon, for the sake of “love,” only to run out of ideas at some point, when she just doesn’t know how to hold a man down. Her emotional instability makes her breakdown easily, at the slightest pinch of pain.

From the above illustrations, the only thought that comes to mind, however, is, what really is the passage to the heart of a woman? Is it through her ears (what she’s been told), or through her taste (the gift items), or maybe, actions done with proof (the smart moves). What are your own thoughts?


4 thoughts on ““The Passage To The Heart Of A Woman”

  1. What of Proverbs 31?
    I think the truth to the heart at least from male perspective is her fears or a complement to her confidence and security. Not always making a fit in world of logic but make emotional sense in the world of flight or flee. This is not winning , just the most direct opening. Or said nicely her true comfort and relief of unsaid worries and feeling of being. Now how u compute it on you, but its a completion. There are a million ways said by many gurus and magazines it seems from the language of love to the psych. of women. But as a man, if i make women around me feel safe and secure, I know I have a place in their hearts. Part of trappings of many bad boys and older men.


  2. i dont believe there is one passage to a woman’s heart. I think all the options mentioned above are doable because as complicated as we may be…..we are also really simple. it may boil down to the individuals….not all ladies are tripped by the smart moves but will be what she is being told, etc. For all i know all those 3 mentioned can be used on one lady and still the guy wont succeed in finding a path to her heart.


    • I agree with you on the fact that it’s not just one passage to a woman’s heart, and yes it’s correct to say one woman can be any/all of those characters highlighted.
      That is why we women are really complicated… we all know most of the ways we can hold our men down, it’s not easy but there are simple rules/tricks we can adopt to get a man committed and stay loyal ( I still don’t think all men cheat, until you catch your man doing so before one will think otherwise)….
      But my question is, what are the simple rules/tricks to getting a woman to be fully secure and hold her down? Any ideas?


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