“Alone With My Thoughts”

ImageIn a world where love is the most precious gift of life, yet, the hardest to find and the costliest to ever keep. If only the world would know what I really think of love; if only the world would understand what it means to be in it; if only we had as much love in the world to go round to the lonely hearts; the broken in spirit; the lost soul; the tearful eyes; I would not be left alone with my thoughts.

I wish I could talk about love to just anyone; without opening the partially covered wounds they may carry in their hearts, not having to worry about the pains that person had left with yesterday, only to be reminded of it today, without having to worry about the day I will also hate what I love today.

Love; a feeling I always want to remember and to cherish for as long as I live; the priceless gift of all time, so deep, so true, so full of hope, it’s what makes life meaningful and worthy of living, it’s what makes you want to start all over again, when you’ve lost almost everything in life.

Love; the only feeling that causes you pain and erases it, at the same time. The only reason you worry so much on unnecessary issues, the only reason you can give up that bad habit, to look forward to a better you, the only thing, capable of humbling you to act like a child, even as you grow older.

Love; the most common word said, with little or no value attached to it; the most difficult thing to show a human, because they are never really satisfied, no matter what you do. But I love to love and be loved.

I’m not afraid of dying, but I’m afraid of losing out on love. Maybe I’m addicted, and I’m out of control,but love is the only drug that keeps me from dying; maybe I’m lying, but all I really know is, love is the only reason I’m trying. But, at times, it feels as though, I’m alone with my thoughts…..


2 thoughts on ““Alone With My Thoughts”

  1. Once you touch love in truth its the hardest if not most impossible thing to be held again. True love I think is at its best between a child newborn and its connection to father and/or mother. There is purity of it. As adults we grow learn seek hope despair, falsely live it, but if you or the other ever give up on what you know is true Your heart is more then broken your life is altered. Many women use it wreck-less, pretend to it, and many men carry it falsely. Look back examine not your need at that time or your heart hurt due to it. If you touch another and they touch you then you may have that feeling. But indivudals only know if it is truest.. When you touch another in truth and there is nothing close or right that compares, than you may have had it for you. Truest Pain


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