“The Train Of Life: Ever Wondered?”

walking to train

train Life is like a train,the only thing is that, the train of life is one at a time, and everyone must hurry to catch the train at the scheduled time, like it’s done at the train station. At the train station, you see different categories of people: the people who are not in a hurry, but need to catch the train anyway; those that are always in a hurry to catch the train; those who are too busy thinking of catching up with the train but forget the important things they needed to travel with; those who are too sluggish with their time, and miss out on the train, to wait for the next train to convey them; those who will get in the train, with sadness in their hearts; those who are always happy to get in the train; those who get in the wrong train, only to find themselves at the wrong destinations. These categories of individuals, and many more, fit the life that we live in so many ways, which makes me wonder sometimes:

  • If everyone was a king, there will be no laws and of course, there will be no followers; what is a nation without the law?
  • If someone wasn’t retrenched or retired at a job, there will be no mobility of labor and there will be no available job placement for someone seeking the same position; what is the labor force without employment opportunity?
  • If there are no deaths, there will be no caution in living; what will force a healthy living?
  • If there were no break-ups, there will be no single man/woman available, and certainly no happy endings; would there be any need/hope for a lifetime commitment, when you are either with the wrong person at the moment, or your future partner is? Or what would a couple argue or worry about?
  • If people don’t fall ill, there will be no need for science and we all would be living the same life, year in, year out; what will the scientist be made to study?
  • If there were only rich people alive, there will be no one to  learn to do the small jobs; will the world be any better?
  • If there was no God, there will be no conscience, and every time we are angry, we won’t mind killing for it; would the lives of other people ever matter to you?

The truth about life is that; if one person is not crying, another person won’t have any cause to smile; if bad things don’t happen to people, no one will appreciate the life they’ve got; if there were no bad experiences, there will be no lessons to be taught; if there was no God, there will be no karma to bite people in the ass; if there was no law, that psychotic man/woman will be walking free; in fact, if there were no punishments,there will be more crimes daily, and no one will be walking free anyway.

The train of life is, but one at a time; sometimes it either takes too damn long to get to your preferred station, or it’s pretty much occupied and there’s no room for you; at sometimes, it comes at you very fast, and you may forget what you would have needed to pick up along the way; sometimes you just don’t know when or if the train will be coming, and your patience may wear out quickly, as you wait endlessly.

Even at that, we all must take our chances when we can, regardless of whose feet we may be stepping on; the road to success is competitive enough, there’s no time to waste, we just gotta keep pushing for the train anyway.

The train of life: Ever wondered?


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