“Be The Backbone, And Not The Backpack”

backpackThe backbone is a series of vertebrae, separated by disks, that encloses and protects the spinal cord, and runs down the middle of the back; it could also be termed as a fundamental support structure. A backpack is described as, a knapsack, mounted on a frame, worn on a person’s back for the purpose of carrying things; that is, a baggage to be carried around.

In relating the above statements to a relationship, it would be understood that, the essence of a relationship is to have someone to relieve you off the baggage you may be carrying around, all by yourself. But, if you are in a relationship, and you feel more like a baggage, than a life support, then there’s a huge problem to look into, with immediate consideration. For a man, most of his baggage are his life goals, and for this reason, a man looks to find, the woman he can share some of his ideas with; someone who would be of great support to his dreams and aspirations, like a backbone. Likewise, most of a woman’s baggage are emotionally tied, like; when and how will she do this or that? how can she find strength in her desires and goals? how can she cope with all she has accomplished, or hopes to accomplish, and not feel alone? and so, she hopes to find someone who can make her baggage feel lighter, and help her in achieving most of all she desires. Everyone has a baggage they need to get off their backs somehow, no one will be willing to help you out of your baggage if you are occupying most of the baggage they already carry. There’s no need for a relationship that feels worse that the stress you’ve had to go through being by yourself, it’s a complete waste of time and energy, and also shows a lack of skill!

The joy of every relationship of ‘partnership’ is, to share with someone who can understand the potentials you have, with that person being there to give you the best support and encouragements, you need all through that journey, like a backbone in your back. For a relationship to be meaningful and be of worth to you and your partner, you must have to be the backbone, and not the backpack. No one hopes to add more to their already heavy baggage, especially, if that baggage is you.


3 thoughts on ““Be The Backbone, And Not The Backpack”

  1. We all need a rest or break from the luggage we carry, that’s a given. But one thing that happens when one carries a load especially a heavy load we forget to look up. We look down and focus on the steps in doing so we forget the direction and distance but lose track of where we are. A form of tunnel vision. Its good to have others even if they cant carry or help u with the load on your back, they may help u navigate or even lift your head. Ever fall backwards ever trip? Be nice if someone helped you stay afoot before you fell on your face and if u did fall with that load on your back its so much easier to take a hand from someone else strong enough to pull you up a bit. Cheerleaders are nice for some they make time go away, but the best thing to have on a run or a march is some one in it with you instead of extra weight on you. Worst thing for a man is a woman with such baggage that she is a damaged good. Who wants to carry something broken and how long will one do that. Its like moving to a better place and taking old trash to the new place. No one will willingly do that carry trash to whats next especially in life. IF someone is damaged and brings nothing to the table. I think they will ultimately eat alone.


    • True. Thank you LR. Your insight was very detailed. I totally agree with you; “no one would want to move to a new place and carry old trash along…” this is true. Many thanks LR.


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