“Don’t Be Afraid to Let Loose All Your Emotions”

ImageThe emotions you feel deep inside your heart are not for you to conserve or reserve in your relationship, if you do, you will only create ‘a boring atmosphere’ in your relationship. To be in a relationship with someone, it means you have agreed to share an intimate part of you with that person. But, when you are too are afraid of what others will say, or what your reputation will be around them, you create a huge space between you two, and make it unfavorable to stay in the relationship any longer.

Don’t be afraid to let loose all your emotions; how feel in your heart, what you think in your mind and how you would love to be treated by your partner. Forget the world and create your own beautiful world, when you are in company of your partner. Who says being open minded and being emotional is a bad thing? If you are not willing to lose your partner to someone unworthy, why not let loose!

Love yourself enough to be completely open with the person you are,and let that person you are shine in your relationship. The only thing that, “Lil brat” or “Dumb-ass jerk of a guy” out there can ever have above you, is that openness you may not be willing to share. Get it all out, spice things up and enjoy your relationship absolutely!


6 thoughts on ““Don’t Be Afraid to Let Loose All Your Emotions”

  1. I agree. I often don’t think before i talk, or say to much extra unnecessary to issue. I have no malice in my words, but at times blunt truth can be an eye opener to the sensitive. i know if others aren’t used to me, they need time. At least this is what my cousins have told me.


    • Ok LR
      Many thanks
      Emotions can also be in action, not necessarily in words.
      In this context, I’m referring to an emotionally conservative/reserved action.


      • Yes, I know. I feel as the opposite to what you lay forth. Often in friend, family, or others; i give and expect, so the wait to me is one that i have a lack of patience. Its hard for me to conceive how a man, and especially a woman just don’t know how to express themselves, and give themselves if not in full, in truth. I feel free to be me and act as so. Those that cant, i often wish they would just go read a book or two, then come back to the table.


      • Ok L.R
        Thank you for the input
        Although, I believe people are different, and mostly, not everyone has experienced so much, as to know what to do, when to do so, how to do it or why they have to. It’s all a matter of time, but then, catching up may be slow, depending on the individual.


  2. Learn to love or risk the loss of the love from those that loved you. People always want what they think they deserve and feel they need to be. Free yourself to give and receive or never know what was or could have been.


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