“Comparing Your Relationship With Another”

ImageSatisfaction is the feeling of need you have, from what your heart may have desired, to what you now have in reality. That should be the case with being in a relationship with someone; you crave for the companionship, then, you find what you’ve always wanted, but, because you spend all your time trying to be someone else, by comparing your relationship, with another relationship that may seem as ‘perfect,’ you lose focus in building up your own relationship, and spend all your energy trying to imitate the lives of others.

To be clear on one thing, there’s no such thing as ‘a prefect relationship,’ not in this life, and not even in your wildest dreams, ever! Every relationship comes with the ‘sweet and sour’ days; every relationship comes with it’s own challenges, no matter how perfect they seem in the public eye, they are not even close to perfection. But, wasting all of your energy and the flavor you should be putting into your relationship, on unrealistic desire; you are bound to become miserable, and lose what was yours, in to the wind, out of your own carelessness.

It is very possible for a relationship to be a cold war behind closed doors, yet, look like a peace camp in the public eye. The easiest way many end their ‘good relationship’ for the unproductive partnership they set out for, is that, one/both of them can’t see the beauty in what they have together, and try too hard to be like others, sometimes, they want to fit into the shoes of the other person, and so, they end theirs out of greed, to be with the other person they know nothing about, only to create a life of regret and self inflicted pain!

If you can’t be satisfied and happy with your relationship, because you lack the confidence, to make your own story as beautiful as the one you seek, you will always end up alone in your own world, and may never find that true happiness you deserve. Happiness comes with a feeling of satisfaction, and, if you can’t have that in you, there’s nothing good you can offer anyone else, unless you quit trying to live in fantasy and start living in the reality before you.


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