“The Way To A Man’s Heart”

ImageThey say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; a notion easily believable by every woman who intends to keep her man in the home, rather than have him go out to fend for his meal alone. This is a true expression, but far from the picture it paints to the narrow mind.

A man’s heart is very fickle and sometimes, unforgiving. Now, to get into his heart takes more than just the effort of making him a good meal; a man’s stomach is a common term that could be used to describe all the other means of getting into his heart.

The common saying, “A hungry man is an angry man” could be the most factual expression of how fickle the heart of a man is. To get into a man’s heart doesn’t stop at having a good meal, a man needs to be connected enough for him to surrender his heart to a woman completely and absolutely.

What do men need to satisfy their hunger?

  • true love- he needs to always feel safe around his woman;
  • partnership- a man prefers to walk hand-in-hand with his woman, rather than having to always walk in front of her. He expects a shared idea, rather than to be the only one with a brain
  • attention- yes, even man loves to be cuddled, encouraged, and sometimes, pampered
  • care- no man loves to do all the work and come back to meet a war zone after a hard day’s job
  • comfort- the worst thing a woman can do to lose her man is, to give him hell, instead of affection
  • consideration- the man knows he can’t be right all the time, so he expects a level of consideration, for his woman to see past his mistakes
  • sex- now all these talk about emotions, a man also gains good connection from sex! A man would need to connect this way, to stroke his ego a little and have a sense of responsibility towards his woman. Sex is not all bad, but if a man shows his woman so much respect, an open leg will only keep him coming home, rather than to shop for free snacks out there.
  • time- a man needs some time to figure things out properly. Choking a man does not show love, it only shows weakness and instability. A woman should be understanding enough to give him some of this, if she needs him to satisfy her demands too.
  • a good meal- after all said above, we come right back to the good meal. A man knows the essence of this, is to keep him hooked. If a woman is good at all the other things and manages to fix him up with good meals regularly, darling, you’ve just won yourself his heart for life!

Now, you must understand that a man’s stomach is not just a phase, it is made up of other important components that must be satisfied, alongside his original stomach, in order to create an everlasting space in his fickle heart.


8 thoughts on ““The Way To A Man’s Heart”

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  2. I love your topics and your thoughts expressed on your blog and this post is no exception. It seems spot on to me. The one part “walking hand in hand” seemed to stand out most to me because of recent experiences. Perhaps the man needs to be the leader in many aspects, but what about just being equal in everything in general? Well, it’s a big topic and I’m not even sure I can explain my thought well, but ugh, relationships are challenging lol.
    Have a blessed week


    • Thank you so much Scott. Appreciate the comment and insight. You are a fantastic poet/writer also. Read through some of your posts and I think they are nicely written and deep as well. Yes, relationships can feel like a huge task at times lol. I personally don’t think a relationship should be based on “leader-follower” communication technique, there’ll be nothing to look forward to in the longrun. Anyway hope to share many more ideas through time. Many thanks! Do have a lovely week ahead!


  3. Traditional roles and rules are suspect in modern society. But truth, modern society is still a reflection of the past and our nature as most know it. Many things have changed, it seems if we watch TV. But in truth, many things have been the same and much of it seems as common. But in all things between two individuals, not clones, or copies but a couple joined is, compromise. In that manner none are identical in what and how we do and all things are varied. Even in our own body neither side does as the other exactly. In partnership, most seek a balance, an ideal situation one will compliment the other to better the whole, we hope. In that i agree totally with the idea you present as a woman giving consideration to her partner. Love the way you wrote it. Love the surrender, in that is the strength of love.


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