“Listen To Yourself Speak”

ImageEach day, there’s a moment in time we dedicate to talking to/with others. At some point in time, it’s also good to listen to yourself talk, in order to know the true effects of the words you direct to someone else’ mind. It’s a true realization that, the negative/unfavorable words spoken to others is as a result of an expression not given any thought or consideration, and most times, these words are held against one in the long-run.

Some thoughts are better kept unexpressed and some words are better left unsaid. Giving a little consideration and thought to the words, before directing them to another person, saves one the stress of an animosity created unintentionally. Likewise, before taking an action, there must be a moment of reasoning, before those actions are carried out.

When your thoughts are too loud, it is impossible to listen to yourself speak. First, release your mind from unproductive emotions and unrealistic thoughts that may hinder a sense of reasoning, and take a moment to analyze and consider your motives before carrying out an act, and before an expression of words. The voice of reasoning is only a whisper in the back of one’s mind, and to listen to that little voice, you must first clear out the noise in your head.


4 thoughts on ““Listen To Yourself Speak”

  1. I agree. I think this often when i speak with women. So much venom in words and so much said in a negative manner. Often it seem you have a beautiful, lovely person or Lady till you hear the words out of her mouth. I wonder why is it necessary for so many subliminal, hits to another with such anger. Words a Whip and the whip is tainted. Often call it trucker syndrome. One lets their thoughts bounce off themselves more then an objective person. Often those things that others will tell us are crazy, our lonely self will fuel the fire. I’m glad i learned to talk myself down.


  2. Objective thought is a skill, one must give true consideration and be self aware of ones own insecurities. The strongest intellect may be consumed with its own boundaries and concepts. In history with forward perspective we can see the anchors they have. When we see our own and deal with them our thoughts are so much more clear without that noise.


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