“To The Alter, or, To The Gutter?”

ImageEvery relationship has its own journey. A relationship is either; leading to the alter, or, to the gutter. But these different journeys can be tricky and also confusing at times, to seem alike; although, others may never have a destination, and just collapse along the way.

A relationship that is made to lead to the alter, is a rare one, which is built on a foundation solidly strong enough, to withstand the tests of time- patience, understanding, trust and commitment. A relationship built on trust, will always be understanding to be patient, to lead to a lifetime commitment.

A relationship made for the gutter, is the most common and the most convenient kind of relationship, that was built on a lazy foundation that cannot withstand any test other than; physical, and/or financial connection. Most people who go into a relationship of convenience fall into this category; there are no commitments, and, no sacrifices attached to them.

On the other hand, those who collapse along the way are the ones who go into a relationship, and expect to have everything in their fantasy world, all in one person. They are described as, “the perfect relationship,” but they are built on greed, pride, and nothing else. They always want more and never get satisfied, and so, they crash somewhere along the line.

Not all relationships were made in heaven, and by heaven. All relationships are, however, made to, either teach us a lesson (the journey that collapses along the way); train us to be better in person (the journey to the gutter); or make us better persons in life (the journey to the alter).


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