“The Thin Line Between Love & Hate”

ImageIt is easy to fall in love with a person, and make your entire world wrap around them, like that’s the only thing your whole life depends on. The beautiful moments you share together, become memorable, and to be cherished for as long as the love still exists between you two. The moments of love, are the times you wish and hope for the best to come, regardless of any contradictions whatsoever.

But falling out of love takes a high degree and level of hate, to erase and disregard all the good memories you once shared together, and turn them into; intense disappointment in yourself and a fiery anger towards the other person. Betrayal is the thin line between love and hate; it’s the feeling that lingers on, once you’ve managed to cross the line of love. Most times, in crossing  that line, you begin to hate everything you once loved about the good relationship that’s turned sour in your heart. Also, many go as far as exhibiting an irritation for what they believed to be called, “love.”

To love a person is easy, but to hate, is even the quickest and the most disturbing feeling, one could hold on to, for life. Love may end at a point, but hate never dies in the heart, at least, not that easy; because it’s easy to forget all the good times, but the bad moments, are the only things that keep playing in the head, for a a very long time; maybe a lifetime.


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